Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Strategy of Lowering Cholesterol without drugs

Cholesterol-lowering drugs become the foundation for some people who are lazy lowering cholesterol with a conservative approach like a change of lifestyle. according to research approximately 25% of adults aged over 45 years old. consumption of cholesterol-lowering drugs statins. although in this case, anti-cholesterol drugs have as many side effects, especially has influence on the decrease in sexual desire.

In the new study published in the journal of the american medical association, demonstrated that dietary changes have been efficient enough to lower cholesterol, especially if you do not have risk factors for heart disease to another. in this study researchers followed 345 people with high cholesterol values. they were asked to perform two-sided low-cholesterol diet over 6 months ..in the first part of a diet that is low need fatty acids acted bored. some participants were asked to consume more fruits and vegetables and low-fat milk to determine.

In the second group they were given education by nutrition experts for over consumption of cholesterol-lowering foods like soy protein, nuts, and oats. Ultimately, this group experienced a decrease of cholesterol are three times higher than the group who did low-fat diet boredom. however the second group successfully lowering cholesterol like people who are anti-cholesterol drug consumption.

The following steps on how to reduce cholesterol that can be applied in day-to-day diet.

  1. breakfast. For breakfast, the first group of low-fat cereal consumption, instantaneous consumption of the 2nd group of oat cereal with strawberry jam.
  2. Morning snack. To prop hunger welcome lunch, eating fresh fruits like watermelon, grape, apricot, or papaya. can also plus a handful of almonds or soy milk. when tired, mix all ingredients before and then some so blended smoothies.
  3. Lunch. The second group consumption sandwiches made from bread Cereal intact. sampurkan with lettuce, tomatoes, and chunks of tofu and cucumber. For variety, you can also consume a hodgepodge pecel or without rice.
  4. Afternoon snack. Always bring fresh fruit, like a banana or papaya. Add oatmeal or yogurt. Stay away from cakes and other pastries.
  5. Dinner. Healthy choice for dinner is pasta. The recommended protein sources are tofu, tempeh, and fish.